Welcome to M.B.S. Whole Health

Welcome to M.B.S. Whole Health

Asking for help is the best choice to make when you have run out of options. Life happens to everyone and can feel overwhelming. But there is hope that your life doesn’t have to stay the way it has always been.

Wondering if you would benefit from working with a mental health professional? Take a look at the list below to see if you can identify with any of the following circumstances.

-Thoughts racing out of control
-Dwelling on the past or the future
-Unable to manage stress
-Loss of interest in things you once enjoyed
-Unhealed past trauma and abuse
-Withdrawal and isolation
-Crying spells
-Struggling to maintain motivation
-Major life changes
-Feeling betrayed or hurt
-Experiencing anger, anxiety, depression
-Relationship difficulties
-Overwhelmed with strong emotion
-Undesired change in behavior
-Body image issues
-Lack of self-acceptance
-Unhealthy habits you want to break
-Experiencing grief or loss
-Recovering from a divorce

If you found that you are currently dealing with one or more of the situations listed above, you are not alone. When life gets tough it is often helpful to have a person lend an open ear and heart while supporting you through your circumstances. Making the decision to come to counseling is often a tough choice to make. However, it will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. I am a firm believer that your past experiences and current circumstances do not have to define who you are or the life you desire to have in the future.

You Matter. Your Story Matters. Your Future Matters.

Let’s work together and begin the journey of writing how you would like your story to end. Take the next step and click here if you have any questions or would like to schedule a 30-minute consultation

Natasha Montgomery, M.A. LPC Intern, Certified Life Coach
Supervisor: Dr. Bernis Riley, LPC-S